Hex Screw Clamp with Gear output


Summary I've seen these motors on sciplus for years now, and just recently saw them on amazon. Since their popularity means other people might be using them, here is a model that makes mine much more useful. Included is a picture of the kind of motor I designed this for. Instead of using the outer edges of the threads as a shaft, or paying almost a thousand dollars for a tap set for 7/16 ACME threads, clamp these to either side of the screw shaft and drive something with 40mm hex. Needs 6 m4 nuts and 6 30mm m4 screws. New version includes provision for an M3 setscrew(optional). will require two m3 nuts and two m3 setscrews. There is a gear on the shaft for driving a rotary encoder. Also included a gear for the encoder. For the curious, I use this to drive gears like the big one included in this thing.

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