Summary Case for the iphone 5. Modeled using the official dimensions published by apple. I liked the design of this thing:, but it had really annoying features, which were difficult to print, so I built this from scratch. And this case has simple features, making it easy to print on a reprap. I'm printing right now. I'll post pics when it's done. And after my iphone5 shows up, I'll verify the fit and post updated files if it needs changing. I did make use of the iphone5 mockup while modeling, just to have something to look at and compare. Instructions You will need 24 2-56 SHCS (Socket Head Cap Screws) they may be purchased here: It would seem now I am not the only person to have designed an iPhone5 case. Ordinarily i wouldn't clog thingiverse with superfluous duplicate things, but none of the other cases meet my needs, so I would have designed this anyway.

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