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This "whisk vessel" can be used for whipping cream, eggs, or anything else you may want to whip with a whisk. At first, I wanted to build a cup that would keep liquids from splashing out when I whisk them, but, as the design was morphing closer to a two-part dish that almost fully enclosed the whisk, I realized that I can build the whisk into the vessel. The idea is, you put the food into the "inner" part (the one with threads on the outside), put the whisk grid on top (it has a ledge around the perimeter that fits into the dish and keeps the grid from sliding sideways), screw the outer part over it, tight, and shake the whole thing for a while. I tried whipping eggs for an omelet, and some cream, it works.

The most important detail here is a choice of the filament. There are food-safe filaments, I used Taulman Tech-G. A clear PETG or clear PLA would probably be OK (PETG handles heat better). For colored filaments, you need to know if the coloring is food-safe.

The dish parts can be printed at the standard settings for 0.2mm for your printer. The grid needs to be printed without top or bottom layers, with 10% honeycomb infill, and will 4 vertical shells. The infill is what creates the grid pattern. After printing you may need to sand the inside with a fine sandpaper to make it smooth.

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