Maserati Magistral

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Automotive enthusiasts will enjoy this custom designed Italian Maserati Magistral Slot Car in 1:32 scale. Pins are located for mounting on your own brass chassis.

Also includes individual STL files for Interior with Driver, Head lights, and Tail lights. Lights can be printed in Clear resin on Form 1 or Form 2 3D Printers.

No Wheels, Rims or Chassis.

Window form can be 3D Printed and used in a Vacuum Thermoforming Machine 5x5.

Design Files

File Size

Magistral Window form.stl
1.51 MB
Magistral Slot Car 1to32.stl
15.1 MB
Magistral PS Taillight 1to32.stl
49.1 KB
Magistral PS Headlight 1to32.stl
52.6 KB
Magistral MIDDLE Taillight 1to32.stl
159 KB
Magistral interior.stl
3.09 MB
Magistral DS Headlight 1to32.stl
52.6 KB
Magistral DS Taillight 1to32.stl
49.1 KB


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