Mold for Silicone Vibration Dampener

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This molds are for making Anti Vibration Rubber Shock Absorber (silicone gel dampener balls for quadcopter) for Flight controller, gimbal, camera.

Also to do it you will need: 

- print this molds wiith lowest layer height 

- silicone gel (sealant) 

- injector 

- water and brush 

- stick diameter 4mm

All process in VIDEO:

The size of the smaller: D=9mm; d=6mm; H=14mm 

..bigger: D=16mm; d=9mm; H=30mm

This dempener in my quadcopter:

3D printing settings:

Lowest layer height

Rafts: Yes

Infill: 30%

Design Files

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mold for silicone dampener D6 d9 H30 (cam).STL
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mold for silicone dampener D9 d6 H4 (controller).STL
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