Air turbine (air pump)


This turbine operates in a chip cleaning system.

Usage screwdriver motor one 6*19*6 bearing one 12*28*7 bearing M4 screws and nuts

maximum print size is 198 mm

Printer: Rep Rap 200x200 table

Rafts: Yes

Supports: Yes

Infill: 20%

Video in action:

Design Files

File Size

1. back cover.STL
1.1 MB
2. Insertion into the propeller.STL
1.06 MB
3. propeller.STL
10.4 MB
4. Case.STL
3.47 MB
5. Insertion into the propeller (2-nd).STL
293 KB
6. front cover.STL
3.34 MB
Air turbine.STL
21.2 MB


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