Venturi Effect Valve v1

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Summary Made to mix air to water, this valve is a part of a work-in-progress hydroponic system(picture #6) almost finished. Stay tuned for IT ;) In a spirit of recycling, the IN and OUT are made to be used with a piece of common Machine washing drain pipe (picture #7) 20mm IN for 25mm out. The air intake is 13mm IN for 20mm OUT. I generated supports with MeshMixer : venturi03MeshMix.stl (picture#3) Without supports file : venturi03.stl Optimized to be printable on a 180 mm max axis 3D printer(total length is 178 mm. i intend to print with the parameters you see on picture #5 but I need a UPS for my Prusa i3 P802MA. What do you think ? What would you change in theses settings ? I have joined the inventor part file so you can edit freely. If you like my work you are more than welcome to support me ;)

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