P802M Pen Holder


Summary Project : using a Prusa i3 P802M as a Plotter. I designed this to fit in the original carriage. Just unscrew the 2 M3 under the extruder and you can fit this in and screw it from bottom. File Myke974_plotter02b : pen hole is 10mm = pen holder v3 File Myke974_plotter02 : pen hole is 23.31mm = pen holder v1 You can use it if you have level sensor too. If you like my work and want to support me, you can be my patreon ;) https://www.patreon.com/myke974 Update 17 august 2016 The v3 is ready ! I'm uploading it. Update 07 april 2016 File Myke974_plotter02b : because I did lower the diameter of the pen hole after I made the 23.31mm one through Inventor, it happens that the pen cannot pass through the bottom cart hole ! This hole need to be closer to the front face ! I'll correct this soon. Print Settings Printer: Prusa i3 P802MA Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.1 Infill: 20 How I Designed This P802M/MA/N.... so I draw the original X carriage and based on it, I draw a Pen holder. I also cut the electrics wires on the extruder and put some plugs for easy removal and transform my 3D printer in a 3D plotter ! ;)

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