I made this because my husband thought that the AT-AT model I made should have cat ears and a hat. I thought it would be a fun joke that would take a few hours but I ended up taking over a month. It has been a good project to learn about articulating joints and 3d printing in general.

It is not a perfect model and I may work on it in the future. The sockets are prone to breakage. If you make this, please let me know any suggestions you have for improvement!

Print quantity

4x foot 4x lower leg 4x leg socket 3x tail (As pictured. More or fewer to make tail longer / shorter.) 1x everything else


Snaps together. No gluing necessary, unless you want the hat to stay on permanently. Filing may be needed on head socket and tail ball pegs depending on how you print it.

Design Files

File Size

lower leg.stl
233 KB
4.96 MB
293 KB
tail end.stl
176 KB
259 KB
leg socket.stl
203 KB
upper leg rear r.stl
473 KB
upper leg rear l.stl
477 KB
body l.stl
17.6 MB
body r.stl
14.1 MB
tail ball.stl
93.3 KB
head socket.stl
181 KB
upper leg front l.stl
1.52 MB
upper leg front r.stl
1.5 MB
105 KB


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