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This is a model based on the troll skull found in the game 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'.

I have included a large hollow version which has been split into parts, and a smaller solid version in two pieces. The large version, assembled with the jaw, is approximately 31 cm long by 30 cm high by 20 cm wide. Both versions require supports.

Pieces numbered in the pictures above:

  • skull teeth upper
  • skull front
  • skull middle
  • horns R
  • skull back
  • horns L (not shown)
  • jaw front
  • jaw bottom
  • jaw top
  • All pieces have holes in which to fit the square connecting pegs, which will aid in assembly. 12 pegs are needed.

    Design Files

    File Size

    jaw top.stl
    2.06 MB
    solid skull.stl
    21.5 MB
    skull back.stl
    7.37 MB
    skull front.stl
    5.38 MB
    connecting cube 6point8.STL
    1.45 KB
    horns L.stl
    2.12 MB
    skull middle.stl
    5.33 MB
    skull upper teeth.stl
    5.83 MB
    solid jaw.stl
    2.9 MB
    jaw front.stl
    687 KB
    horns R.stl
    1.84 MB
    jaw bottom.stl
    564 KB


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