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Summary I loved simiboy's snap on gear design, but I wanted something small to fit into my hand, so I Remixed something wonderful into something just my speed. I carry this with me all the time. I fidget with it constantly. I love it more than anything else in this entire universe. (not really) BE CAREFUL: The fit is tight. When you snap them together use as much vertical pressure as possible to place the strain onto all three stems. I will upload a loosey goosey version soon. UPDATE: I have added a second model (fidget_loose) with the inner part of the gear expanded. This will lessen the chance of a stem breaking while snapping it together. Post-Printing The more you fidget, the smoother it works. If you have a tight fit, or the movement is not smooth, you can squeeze some toothpaste into the center, and sticky fidget for a few minutes. After you rinse it all off with water and blow it dry, the operation will be smooth and relaxing. Be sure to make a wish while blowing it dry.

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