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Summary A case for your contact lenses. The first version turned out perfect, except the threads were backwards. Lefty Tighty, Righty Loosey. Drove me crazy, and I don't even use contacts. Fortunately the mirror modifier in Blender made short work of that. In case you were wondering, the photo shows a W. for Wright, my sister's last name. More conventionally, the model has an R, for Right. Print Settings Printer Brand: FlashForge Printer: Creator Pro Rafts: No Supports: Yes Infill: varies Notes: I recommend finishing this with an acetone vapor to help seal things. Also I increased the outer shell, top and bottom, to 4, to help it not soak up fluid. If your slicer supports it, I would print the base at some plastic saving infill, and change the infill to 100% for the cups that will hold the contacts.

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