Crescent Wrench Pair


Summary UPDATE 6/16/2017 Don't try to print this yet, I need to fix a couple things in the model I felt my old wrench with bottle opener handle could use an upgrade. Also see my hex nut wrench keychain: I made a normal crescent wrench and one with a voronoi handle. I also thickened up the head and ditched the bottle opener. I made two print-in-place stl files. Please let me know if you have any problems, I will fix them asap. NOTE: This is not an easy print. The first time I tried the screw fused to the handle. I removed some material so the screw should be fine now. I recommend printing it upside down and with supports. It is also a good idea to use a fan. Don't print in ABS, there will be warping and burn marks. Find me on:

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