The HIVE Evo - Modular Drawer System

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The HIVE Evo is a customizable, modular drawer system perfect for Engineers, Makers, Crafters, and Hobbyists! Organize all your small parts from nuts and bolts to resistors, switches, and LED bulbs. No workshop is complete without an organization system!

The HIVE Evo Includes 3 types of drawers, 3 bin sizes for the customizable drawer, and 1 drawer module.

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Design Files

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HIVE Evo Drawer.stl
32.3 KB
HIVE Evo Module.stl
35.2 KB
HIVE Evo Drawer - Customizable.stl
26.2 KB
HIVE Evo Bin LG.stl
8.48 KB
HIVE Evo Bin MD.stl
6.14 KB
HIVE Evo Bin SM.stl
3.79 KB
HIVE 2.0 Knob.stl
172 KB


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