Glowing Master Sword [REMIX]

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Inspired from Breath of the Wild and the Adafruit guardian sword build. Seemed like a logical next step to combine the two and since ChaosCoreTech had already released a fantastic model to start with I opted to use that as my base to remix.

Designed to be printed on a CR-10 S5 so the pieces are in the 450-525mm length. Obviously that's not going to fly for the average printer but I wanted to test my build volume since it's a 500mm cube! Another major reason for making the parts so big was to reduce the visible seams when light passes through. Aside from welding material into the cracks then sanding I don't know a better way to handle seams beyond molding and casting. Eventually I will make an effort to modify the parts to work on smaller build plates, but I don't know how soon..

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Creality CR-10 S5


200 Microns




Okay for this build I'd advise printing it in PLA on a heated glass bed with a layer of glue stick applied for adhesion. Glass makes a beautiful mirror finish that pops off easily and gives you a really flat surface.

You'll need; Adafruit hardware (see guardian sword build for parts list) PLA/ABS natural white (not clear- it's too clear) Large format printer

Steps 1) Print 3D Parts 2) Assemble Lighting Circuit 3) Program Circuit with Arduino 4) Clean 3D Parts 5) Mount Electronics 6) Bond Sword Halves 7) Paint & Seal 8) Vanquish Evil

Happy printing!

Don't have the equipment to make one, but still NEED one? Visit here ----->

Design Files

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Lightning Sword - Blade Bottom.stl
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Lightning Sword - Blade Top.stl
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Lightning Sword - Handle Bottom.stl
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Lightning Sword - Handle Top.stl
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Lightning Sword - USB Cap.stl
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