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Designed her for the Design Your Future Avatar Contest, here on pinshape.

What my Avatar is about: It would need to be anonym, playable and humanoid (to use standard gear). My prefered attributes are: high defense, high speed and close combat. In playable mode, my Avatar shouldn't look to approachable, since I'm not a fan of in game chatting.

My inspirations: • Ready Player One (cool book) • Summer Wars (lovely anime) • Spider legs (for her hands) • lobster legs (so many legs ...  for her arm parts) • moth wings (the clothing)

regarding printing: I had no chance to print it yet, probably messed it up ^^; I would love to hear about it, in case anybody gave it a chance

Personal note: It's the first fullbody and posed character I did yet and I learned a lot on it - and had so much fun! This contest was a wonderful excuse to invest a lot of time in it! Shout out to brunocamara.art and BlackSpire your entries are amazing!

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