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This is a modified version of I wanted to give it a closed top and found this teardrop shape the best option. I didn't post DoubleTwistLamp 2 because it had a different shape that just wasn't as nice as this one.

Like DoubleTwistLamp1 this lamp is designed for an LED "puck" light. Battery operated lights are about $4 each; simply do a web search for "puck light". This blog page tells where you can get wall powered lights that work very well:

This print took 12 hours 33 minutes at a print speed of 100 mm.sec and layer height of 0.205 mm. It uses the same basic design as so it may be that you have to use the Slic3r slicer to slice it. For details why this is the case see that page or, for more information, this one:

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