KING - My Awesome T-Rex Companion


So this is my entry for the „Design Your Avatar Contest“. I’m a very casual gamer. I have about 600 games in my Steam library, but I only played a handful of them for a longer time. ARK is the one I played the most, so I decided to create a avatar for this game. ARK is a survival game, where you have to fight against the weather, hunger, and the dangerous prehistoric wildlife. It is also possible to tame dinosaurs in this world. It‘s a game where you can spend hundreds of hours and you still discover something new. 

Here I present you myself on my awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex „KING“. He is my long time companion in this game and helped me a lot.

I made the whole sculpture comic-like to get a friendly appearance. With the chosen pose I wanted to get a look of us looking both into the camera. This is my first sculpture, so I hope you like it. I tried to make as many parts as possible to get a real multicoloured sculpture. I spent about 50 hours for the design to make it as best printable as possible. The parts are already aligned to get the best print results without too much support material.

For all parts I mostly used PLA settings (220° C extruder temp / 55°C heatbed temp / 200 micron layer height / 20% infill / 60mm/s speed).

A list of the materials and special settings I used for the parts: 

  • stonering, cover -> Das Filament PLA / colour light grey  
  • woodplate -> Das Filament PLA / colour brown  
  • crystal_blue -> FormFutura HD Glass / colour blue transparent  
  • crystal_red-> 3D Prima PLA / colour red transparent  
  • crystal_green -> Das Filament PLA / colour green transparent  
  • logo_left, logo_right -> FormFutura PLA / colour silver  
  • rex_body, rex_head, rex_tail -> eSun PLA / colour pine green  
  • rex_tongue -> eSun PLA / colour pink  
  • rex_right_eye, rex_left_eye, rex_teeth_top, rex_teeth_bottom -> eSun PLA / colour white  
  • saddle -> SIENOC PLA / colour brown  
  • belt_back, belt_front, rein, rein_pin_long, rein_pin_end -> SIENOC PLA / colour brown  
  • belt_pin -> SIENOC PLA / colour brown / print it 4 times  
  • arm_left, arm_right, head -> Polaroid PLA / colour skin / printed on a raft  
  • beard -> Das Filament PLA / colour brown / printed 4 pieces on a raft because of the small size  / 100 micron  
  • shirt -> ColorFabb Economy PLA / colour black / printed on a raft 
  • jeans -> ColorFabb nGen / colour dark blue  
  • shoe_left, shoe_right -> eSun PLA / colour white  
  • pin_short, pin_long -> material and colour doesn’t matter / print them 4 times each

To get the crystals shining, you need three white 5 mm led, some thin cable, a female connector and a suitable power adapter. I used a universal one with a 3 volt setting, so no resistor is needed.

Print time is about 25 hours and about 360 gram material.

You can find an assembly instruction at the uploaded files.

If you print it, please upload a picture of your print. That would be much appreciated. 


Design Files

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