The High Admiral

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The High Admiral is a sculpture created by Francesco Di Luisi, VFX artist and concept sculptor.

You will find the decimated version of the original digital sculpture rendered (first image). Fur is not included :)

You can see in the photo the sculpture printed so you can check the details. 

The printing parts are 3:  base mouth, upper head and tongue.  I added some  epoxy putty to merge the seam line and create some longer teeth. You can find my printing settings in the image attached.

Character story:

"The army of Goralg always has been one of the main menace of the district X23 of the young galaxy. Each of its units, starting from the first soldiers to the harsh captains, are highly feared in each battlefield. The High Admiral is in the highest rank of each of the main four divisions in the entire army."

Hope you enjoy it!

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