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This is a collection of 1:100 panzer 1 models

!!!Special Thanks to Direwolf77 for Test Printing these models. I made the bison easier to print based on his suggestions!!! !!Update!!

Current Features

Panzer 1 Ausf A

Panzer 1 Ausf A mit 20mm

Panzer 1 Ausf B

Panzer 1 Ausf B command ( radio and nonradio)

Panzerjager 1

Panzerjager 1 Alkett

Sturmpanzer 1 Bison (Shield and no shield)

Flakpanzer 1

Flammpanzer 1(hull has, as for as i can tell, unhistorical fuel tank at rear end for easier identification for board game use. if you do not like this use the Panzer ausf A hull)

Crew is very low quality (I lack the skill to make proper human models in Creo) but if printed at 1/100 scale and painted with decent skill they should look alright.

All hulls are made from scratch. all turrets with the exception of the flackpanzer 1 are made from scratch. 

the Flakpanzer 1 turret was made using Bergmans Flak 38 model ( I did not think this warranted making the whole pack a remix but let me know if i'm in the wrong.

Please join my group please view my other packs BT-42 ( Panzer III Pack ( Soviet Multi-turret Pack ( T-34/76 pack ( Stug III Pack ( Heavy Flak Pack ( KV tank pack ( Japanese Prototype Pack (

Print Settings

Printer: Davinci 1.0 Resolution: 2.0mm Infill: 10%

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