Summary “During the European Campaign, the Division had some 648 Sherman tanks completely destroyed in combat and had another 700 knocked out, repaired and put back into operation. This was a loss rate of 580 percent.” -Belton Cooper, Death Traps This is a collection of 1:100 Sherman tank models. !!!special thanks to everyone who provided feedback while these were in the test print factory in particular Buchnerb ( and ThatEmuGuy ( both helped out a great deal!!!

currently contains

M4 Sherman I

M4a1 Sherman II

M4a1 76mm

M4a1e6 (includes special oddball version)

M4a2 Sherman III

M4a3 (Includes up-armored marine and 76mm versions)

M4a3e2 (75 and 76mm)

M4a3e8 (Includes up-armored Thunderbolt VII)

M4a3 Zippo

M4a3 105

Sherman V

Firefly Sherman VC Sherman IC

sherman tulip

Sherman calliope (warning this model is very difficult to print, only for advanced printers)

Sherman wizbang (warning this model is very difficult to print, only for advanced printers)

T1E3 mine roller

sherman crocodile ( uses Bergman's Fuel trailer from 1:200 pack 3

m32 ARV

misc (includes hedge cutters and turret mgs, these are a difficult to print)

All hulls and turrets made from scratch

I believe this is the largest amount of models I have ever done in a single release Please join my group please view my other packs BT-42 ( Panzer III Pack ( Soviet Multi-turret Pack ( T-34/76 pack ( Stug III Pack ( Heavy Flak Pack ( KV tank pack ( Japanese Prototype Pack (

Print Settings

Printer: Davinci 1.0 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: .1mm Infill: 10% Notes: Print hulls and turrets horizontally. Tracks should be flat with the face that contacts the hull down.

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