PTFE Tube Guillotine Cutter

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Getting a perfect 90° cut on PTFE tubing is a royal pain in the .... yeah. If it's not perfect, you are just asking for leakage, which is NEVER good in any situation, especially in a 3d printer hotend. You could take the heatblock apart and trim the tubing flush against the metal sleeve, but that requires disassembling the hotend which isn't particularly fun, either. What you need is the PTFE Tubing Guillotine! Simply slide your tubing through the hole until it sits firmly inside to rear pocket and slice. Easy peasy. You will need a 25mm (1") long 3mm bolt, a 3mm nut and two (at least) 6mm long 3mm bolts as well as a standard Stanley-type knife blade.

Print Settings

 Supports: No 

Resolution: 0.2mm 

Infill: 100% 

Notes: You can print the base with less infill if you like - 20% or 30% even, but the arm and the keeper really need to be 100%. It doesn't use much more filament and the additional print time is negligible. Rotate the arm and the keeper 90° so that they are laying flat on their backs to avoid the need for supports.

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