Bottle Rocket Fireworks Nose Cone


The other day, browsing the site, I game across this Thing for a fin set for bottle rockets. Try as I might, though, I could not find a single Thing for a matching nose cone. And any model rocketeer will tell you that rockets need a proper nose cone to cut wind resistance just as much as they need find for stabilization. So... here is my contribution to Independence Day.

After printing the original fin sets, I found that they were 1mm too small to fit my 6mm diameter bottle rockets. The fins were also a little too thin for my taste. I therefore remixed those in to this version.

! Have fun and Never Forget 1776 !

Print Settings

Supports: No 

Resolution: 0.3 

Infill: 10% 

Notes: It is recommended that you print multiple pieces at one time to allow for proper cooling. I would suggest printing half a dozen or so of these and another half doze or so of the fin sets at one time. Seven of each at 60mm/sec is calculated to print in about an hour or so, so ....

Design Files

File Size

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