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A friend of mine asked me if I could do a statue of Big Al, the Alabama Crimson Tide mascot. Well, no. I am not well versed in organic modeling. And I couldn't find a pre-made file of Big Al, either. I couldn't really find even so much as an elephant that just said "Crimson Tide." What I did find was this elephant coat hanger by antontre. Using that, coupled with my own creation, I came up with this very nice plaque that any die hard Tide fan would be proud to display.

I have included two three models. One is just the Alabama "A" with a banner draped around it and "Crimson Tide" printed on the banner on a "wooden-type" plaque. The other model incorporates the plaque with the elephant for a more three-dimensional effect. After looking at it more, I decided that the elephant was too small, so I have added another version with a larger elephant. I will be printing this this week (when my white filament gets here) and I will update the photo with a picture of the actual print then.

Notes: This will need to be printed with supports enabled everywhere.

The plaque was designed in Sketchup with both the plaque and the elephant being combined in MeshLab. The model was then run through Netfabb Basic for a little light cleanup.

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