Tevo Tarantula LCD Control Wrap-Around

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I like the use of the clear acrylic panels for the mainboard and for the LCD control board. I like to see my electronics (mechanical workings, too). The problem with this, though, is that the sides are exposed. That is very bad for electronics, especially when working with metal tools - forceps, Xacto knife, feeler gauges, calipers, etc... Several times I have come close to shorting out the board by a stray tool or two. My solution? A wrap around. This is designed for ease of use as well as installation. Simply remove the rear plate and slip the wrap around the hex stand-offs. The wrap is hooked on the edges so that it holds itself in place once the rear plate is reattached. The left side is left open for easy access to the SD card and there is a slot at the top (or bottom, depending on how you orient the wrap) for the control wires.

To avoid the need for supports, print this with the wire slot facing up. On a standard size Tarantula bed, it is a tight fit with a 7 line skirt 3mm from the print, but it does fit.

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