Tevo Tarantula Control Box

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The control boxes on Thingiverse for the Tevo Tarantula were all too big and tried to incorporate everything into one case. I like the power supply sitting there all naked, and I'd already designed a case for the MOSFET expansion board so I didn't need room for that either. This case is designed to house the original mainboard, the control panel, a 6015 fan, a 6x2 barrier strip and a Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2.

The Pi is mounted by itself, upside down on the top plate, so if you need a different model Pi, that would be an easy enough piece to customize. The back plate has holes for the USB connectors on both the mainboard as well as the Pi. This allows easy connection of a USB wireless dongle to the Pi. You connect the Pi and the mainboard with a short USB cable externally, making it easy to connect a computer to the mainboard for firmware updates. There are also holes for inserting the various input/output connections to the board. On the left hand side is a football shaped cutout to aid in accessing the SD card. On the right side, the fan is covered with a web-style grill to fit in with the Tarantula theme. The front panel features a grill for air circulation. I have my fan sucking air out, but you can blow air inwards if you prefer.

One thing to note... the Pi is already a tight fit. To get the power connector to fit, I had to trim the plastic away almost to the metal connector. If you have access to a 90° adapter, that might work better. Or solder the power wires directly to the Pi? Currently, my Pi is running off an AC power adapter, but if I can find/design a regulated 12vdc-5vdc converter, I plan on powering the Pi internally from the main power supply.

To put this together, you will need: 3mmx5mm screws x32 4mmx25 screws x4 4mm nuts x4 4 washers x8 6x2 barrier strip x1 (optional)

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This was designed to fit, one piece at a time, on a Tarantula with the standard bed. When printing, just rotate each piece until it is flat against the bed. No supports will be necessary.

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