YAFSH - Yet Another Filament Spool Holder

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The end table that I am using as a home base for my Tevo Tarantula has a unique under-surface - modeled so eloquently in the last photo - that prohibits most clamp-type holders. There just isn't enough room to provide a stable grip. So, drawing on my years of woodworking experience, I fashioned a clip-type clamp - say that three times fast! This clips over the lower rail to hold the unit in place and holds a small, old mailing tube as a spool holder.

I know this is probably a one-off, unique situation, so I am including the SketchUp STL file for you to modify as needed for your table.

Enable supports everywhere for the clamp to accommodate the mounting hole, but supports touching the build plate are enough for the braces and the uprights. You will need to print two of each part for a complete system. Some filing/sanding made be necessary due to printer (in)accuracy.

These were designed for a snug fit, but a little glue (I used Duco cement) will help greatly with stability. There is a small amount of wiggle room in my design which is taken up by a thin piece of leather to prevent table marring.

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