Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past Plaque


I drew this from the Legend of Zelda - a Link to the Past (my most favoritest game series ever) many moons ago. Now that I have a 3D printer, I figured why not reinvent it as a 3D print?

In all honesty, I have not yet printed it, but I plan on printing it soon. As soon as I do, I will upload photos. I will say that it tests as a water-tight solid under Google Sketchup and is reported as manifold under Slic3r. Until I print this, I am not sure how the 3D extruded text will come out, so I have included both models with and without the text. If you print this, be sure to upload photos of yours.

No supports, brims or rafts are needed. The default size is 183.6mm by 135mm x 10mm.

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