Contra-Rotating Turbine Fidget Spinner

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This contra-rotating spinner will create interesting geometric patterns and is just plain fun to play with. It is a fast print, with no support required, and a great conversation starter. 

Print Settings:

V2. STL and V2-Mirror.STl: Infill 30%, layer height 0.2mm, 2 shells

Center Support: Infill 50%. layer height 0.2mm, 3 shells (in case it needs to be drilled out)

Bill of Materials

  • 1x V2.STL
  • 1x V2-mirror.STL
  • 1x Center Support
  • 1x 608 Bearing (I used this one)
  • 1x 8-32 set screw, 1" long
  • 2x 8-32 threaded brass ball (I used these)

I pressed in the bearing using a C-clamp with moderate effort, though you may need to sand or add a dab of glue if your printer isn't that accurate dimensionally. 

Design Files

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Center Support.STL
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