Electric Pocket Bike

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This is a miniature electric pocket bike, constructed entirely from scratch using primarily rapid prototyping processes. I'll be posting more detailed assembly instructions later, but feel free to reach out and ask questions if you have any. All parts were made from PLA, with varying infills and shells, detailed below.

Print Settings:

  • Top Handlesbars.STL: 50% infill, 3 shells (in case I needed to drill out any holes)
  • BatteryHolder.STL: 75% infill, 3 shells
  • Horn button mount.STL: 20% infill, 2 shells
  • BatteryHolderCutout.STL: 75% infill, 3 shells
  • Headlamp mount.STL: 30% infill, 3 shells
  • Wheel spacer.STL: 75% infill, 3 shells
  •  1000W mount.STL: 50% infill, 3 shells
  • ChainGuard2.STL: 50% infill, 3 shells
  •   Seat Bracket.STL: 50% infill, 3 shells
  • DROK Mount.STL: 50% infill, 3 shells
  •   Bottom Handlebars.STL: 50% infill, 3 shells
  •  Stand.STL: 30% infill, 3 shells
  • Rear Axle Spacer.STL: 100% infill, 3 shells
  •  Hella Switch Bracket.STL: 50% infill, 3 shells
  •  Switch Cover.STL: 50% infill, 3 shells
  •  Axle Spacer.STL: 100% infill, 3 shells
  •  Steering Triple Mount.STL: 100% infill, 3 shells

The remaining parts were fabricated out of 6061-T6 aluminum and waterjet using Big Blue Saw. I can provide .DXF's on request. The frame is made out of 80/20 1" square aluminum extrusions, using standard hardware. The major parts of the BOM are listed below, with plenty of assorted fasteners not listed.


Finally, this is still a work in progress and a note of caution. This isn't a street legal minibike and does have enough power to seriously hurt yourself. Please be careful and use common sense

Design Files

File Size

Horn button mount.STL
72 KB
Seat Bracket.STL
255 KB
Switch Cover.STL
100 KB
Steering Triple Mount.STL
76.8 KB
160 KB
219 KB
Wheel Spacer.STL
307 KB
181 KB
76.1 KB
271 KB
Hella Switch Bracket.STL
43.4 KB
Axle Spacer.STL
141 KB
Rear Axle Spacer.STL
23.3 KB
Bottom Handlebars.STL
141 KB
1000W mount.STL
40.9 KB
Headlamp Mount.STL
159 KB
Top Handlebars.STL
258 KB


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