Atomic Fidget Spinner


The ever-popular fidget spinner toy, now atomic! This model prints in a little over an hour and gives a decent spin time. I've printed this in both ABS and PLA and provided an additional file for those with a dual-extrusion printer. This adds even more rotational inertia, increasing the spin time. 

Print Settings:

  • Infill:30% (Hexagon)
  • Perimeters: 2
  • Layer Height: 0.3mm
  • Raft for ABS, Oozewall for Dual-Extrusion

Bill of Materials:

  • 1X 3D printed frame
  • 1X 608 8x22x7 Bearing (I used this one)
  • 6X 6-32 set screw, 0.5" long (the heavier, the better)
  • 12x 6-32 threaded brass balls (I used these)

You could substitute the brass balls for an acorn nut -- much more likely to be found at your local hardware store.


I used a C-clamp to press in the bearing right from the printer. Depending on the dimensional accuracy of your printer, you may need to sand a chamfer on the 3D printed part, enlarge the diameter of the hole, or add a tiny bit of retaining compound. It should only take moderate force to press in the bearing, any more and you are likely to split the atom ... a generally bad thing. 

To add the electrons (brass balls), thread a ball on one of the set screws until it maxes out, then slide that assembly through the 3D printed part. You may need to enlarge these holes slightly, once again depending on the dimensional accuracy of your printer. Thread the ball on the opposing side, then tighten fully -- finger-tight should be sufficient. Repeat 5 more times and you are ready to fidget away!

Design Files

File Size

Dual-Extrusion Atomic Fidget.STL
162 KB
240 KB


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