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More information about calibration and complete assembly instructions with pictures can be found at


I have been wanting to use some stepper motors to design a clock for a long time, and finally I could find some time and IT IS HERE!

It uses two steppers to move hour and minute hands independently with 3D printed concentric shafts, while one Arduino compatible board controls everything.

For me, there were two big challenges; designing the concentric shafts and the position detection system. I spent quite some time thinking about the design before the first approach. Then, when I printed the first version, I decided to change some major things to make it easier to assemble. Finally, after a couple of prints and tests, I’m quite satisfied with this final version. It uses two hall sensors to know where the initial position is and a concentric shaft system with bearings. It also uses a real time clock module to keep track of the time when it loses power, so you only have to set it the first time or when changing batteries.

You’ll find different “faces” (covers), so you can choose the one you like the most, or have different models ready for swapping them depending on the occasion.

In addition, they are stackable, so you can print a couple of them and create some unique layouts and keep track of different time zones!!

Printing settings

All parts print without supports. The body is a long print (about 6-7hours). I decided to design it with 1.6mm wall so it prints with 4 perimeters (on 0.4mm nozzles).

I used PLA and printed all parts (except body) with 0.2mm layer height (body 0.3mm) and “standard” settings (3-4 perimeters and around 20% infill).

For the cover, there are two versions, the “normal” cover is supposed to be printed at 100% infill. On the other hand, the cover_infill part, is designed to be printed with different infill patterns and no top layers. Tinkering with the slicer settings, you can get some awesome original designs! With Simplify this is really easy to do, but if you’re using some other slicer you’ll need to change your printing settings accordingly.

Parts and components

In addition to the printed parts, you’ll need:


NOTE: Bear in mind that at the time of the release, the code is in beta version. It works but it may have some bugs/errors. Visit my github for latest updates.

The Arduino program is provided with the download (updated 13-7-17), but latest version can also be downloaded from my github repository.

You’ll need three libraries: RTClib, Accelstepper and wire.h that is already included with Arduino IDE.

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Assembly instructions:

More information about calibration and complete assembly instructions with pictures can be found at

Design Files

File Size

Step Clock minute bearing support.stl
415 KB
Step Clock minute gear.stl
653 KB
Step Clock minute hand.stl
155 KB
Step Clock minute motor support.stl
385 KB
Step Clock hour bearing-motor support.stl
974 KB
Step Clock base.stl
553 KB
Step Clock body.stl
503 KB
Step Clock hour hand.stl
135 KB
Step Clock cover.stl
118 KB
Step Clock cover_infill.stl
179 KB
Step Clock hour axle.stl
285 KB
Step Clock minute axle.stl
736 KB
Step Clock arduino base.stl
649 KB
Step clock code releaseV2.txt
9.01 KB


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