Ikea hack: Mulig shelving unit proRoomba

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Makit presents…our first Ikea hack, make a Mulig shelving unit proRoomba

Have you ever wondered why there is furniture that is not proRoomba?

Why have a Roomba if it can't go under our furniture?

My purpose is to have a proRoomba home where my "personal assistant" (meaning roomba robot ;) ) can go under almost everything.

I recently bought an Ikea Mulig shelving unit and found out that it needed 20mm extra space in order for the Roomba to go under. So, I designed a simple leg that increases the clearance and that’s it, my Roomba goes down the shelves without any problem!

Isn't it awesome?

Printing settings:

  • Time: Around 1h each leg
  • Layer height: 0.3mm
  • Print speed: 50mm/s Outer shell 20mm/s
  • Infill: 25% (little extra strength)
  • Supports: No
  • Slicer: Cura 15.04.2

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