Bike accessory for a beach umbrella

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Note: This design is part of a bike accessory contest by Pinshape and Formlabs.

Have you ever wanted to go out for a ride with your bike, but it’s so hot and sunny you‘re going to melt like an ice cream in august?

We have the solution for you!

With these easy printable pieces, you can use a standard beach umbrella and ride in a continuous shade that is always above you. And if you have a waterproof beach umbrella, you can also ride when it rains. And there is more, you can use it to transport your beach umbrella when you go to the beach by bike, isn't it awesome?

It is adjustable to different angles in order to fit different bikes. You’ll only need five M4x12mm screws and nuts. Adjust angle and mount center screw first. There are two different supports, with and without hole (upper and lower supports respectively).

I used 0,2mm layer, 30% infill (for extra toughness) and no supports.

Enjoy summer with your bike and without sunburns!! And if you like it, share!

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