Rock, Paper, Scissor, SPIN!

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Introducing the awesome Rock, Paper, Scissor, SPIN toy! Now you can play the old classic game of rock, paper, scissor, shoot! While combining it wth the hot new sensation...Fidget Spinners! With this design, you can play with it multiple ways. For instance, you can simply fidget around and spin. Or you can play rock, paper, scissor by yourself (If you don't have friends). You can even use this apparatus against someone else, how cool! The opportunities are endless, how will you fidget and shoot with this toy?


Once you print the whole set, you just snap the arrow cap with the regular cap into the middle bearing (They should just click right in!). Next, simply pop the bearings into all four holes, no need for a hammer or stepping on the spinner. The bearings should fit snuggly in all holes.


Note: Bearings are not included.

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  • Recommend a higher infill (50% and up) due to the fact that the spinner could snap if not sturdy.
  • Any layer height is usable!
  • Shell amounts=2

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