PUBG Flare Gun Prop

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PUBG Flare Gun Prop

This prop is perfect for any cosplay/video game enthusiast. You can simply print the parts with any desired colors or take your time to post process this model. There is a very small amount of parts to create this simple yet complex Flare Gun!

 Currently this flare gun is not yet available to the regular live servers for PUBG users.  You must be on the test servers and have the ability to be in a custom game. As a huge PUBG fan I embarked on the challenge to recreate this newly added gun/feature without actually having first hand experience with it. I scavenged together you tube videos and teasers at this flare gun to make what is shown here. The flare gun will be added imminently to the real game and I'm excited for that to happen. 

Here is a simple assembly video. The assembly requires only snapping the pieces together, you may have to sand down or trim the parts with an X-ACTO knife!

Assembly Video


This is a very simple short print that will allow you to pop out this model in hours!

I put the colors for each part to make the process effortless 

Supports will be required for some parts but there will be a very little amount. 

Print in any orientation that you're comfortable with and confident that will allow you to have the best detail.

High infill is not required

Make sure you view your model in layer view to see if the text will print out nicely.

If there are any problems with the model please let me know so I can fix it! Hope you enjoy and remember to leave a like!

Thank you to Robo3D, BQ, Adafruit and Pinshape for making this contest possible.

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Barrel (Orange).stl
283 KB
Cover Pad Left (Black).stl
116 KB
Cover Pad Right (Black).stl
116 KB
Flare Gun Body (Orange).stl
493 KB
Hammer (Black).stl
62.6 KB
PUBG Flare Gun v6.stl
1.09 MB
Screw Part (Black).stl
35.6 KB
Trigger (Black).stl
30.4 KB


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