USB, SD, and Micro SD card holder

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I was looking for a way to keep up with my growing memory card collection for my Raspberry Pi. This is my variation of a design by MakeGyver on Thingiverse 

I brought it into 123D design, and duplicated it, and melded the two pieces together into one STL file. Then I noticed that there was a customizer available that would probably do the same thing. Doh!. Anyway, it suits my needs perfectly as it is.

Highly recommended as a way to use up those small end pieces of filament that seem to accumulate over time. That's what I did at the base of the holder; then put a  longer piece in the printer to finish it up. Printed with PLA, .2mm layers, 30% infill, took about 2.5 hours @ 40mm/sec.

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