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Summary Originally, I wanted to create a tool so my 3d printer could cut stuff with a Cricut blade. Then I figured, "Why not save some coin and use an x-acto knife blade instead?" . So yeah, this uses that for the blade and also features cutting pressure adjustment and a built-in contact sensor. The mounting plate is designed for Rostock Max, but should be super easy to convert to another platform. . See the instructions tab for current status and construction details. Instructions Status: Currently all parts print, but almost all tolerances are too tight so significant trimming/sanding/drilling is necessary. The main bolt can also tilt which will result in inaccurate cuts. Finally, I have not yet tweaked the code to allow the sensor to work. . Parts required: 1ea 1/4" bolt 2ea 1/4" flat washer 2ea 1/4" nuts 1ea spring 1ea crimp connector, 1/4" dia hole 1ea crimp connector 3mm dia hole 2ea 2mm dia large-head screws . Construction: Print the plastics. Assemble as shown in the pictures. Use the two nuts to adjust the cutting pressure.

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