Hearthstone Authenticator Box

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Summary Keep your Blizzard BattleNet authenticator... inside a hearthstone! Provides device protection, increased geekiness, and a quick trip back the inn of your choice. ;) Also, the authenticator's keyring fits out the top so you can hang this if you want to (or it can just sit on a shelf). Instructions PRINTING: I printed this in white PLA, 25mm layer height, 1 shell, 15% infill. Then cut the two halves off the raft and clean up ant stringies. . The dovetail is made over-tight on purpose. File all mating surfaces with a half-round file until they fit snugly, but not too tight. . Also paint the hearthstone symbol if you like. . . EDITING INSTRUCTIONS: To modify this thing, download the scad file from the original authenticator this is a remix of, as well as the original hearthstone stl -- they must be saved into the same folder! . Next, open the scad file and scroll down to the "hidden" section. hearthstone_box=true .... generates the box front=true/false ..................creates either the front or the back of the box

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