Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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Summary This is necklace charm designed to diffuse essential oils into the air in your personal vicinity using a small piece of felt. You can change the cut-out grille to any shape you want and mix/match the snap on fronts depending on your daily whim. You can design your own front or download: Celtic cross Pirates of the Caribbean cursed coin Neverending Story Ayrun ThunderCats logo Print Settings Resolution: med/high Infill: 10% Notes: PLA may be more resistant to oils than ABS recommend 0.2 layer height or less supports might be required for the top depending on your design with the pirate design, DO NOT use supports. It is designed with a mesh back for airflow. Post-Printing Default settings accept a standard 30mm essential oil felt pad. You can buy these online or cut them out yourself. For hanging, the default settings produce holes for a 7mm jewelry jump-ring. Or wire or thread would work too. Issues The first print of this fit perfectly. Then I tried to implement customizer and it was too tight. I think I have it fixed now, but if not, let me know! You can try the customizer but the larger the image, the more likely it will barf. :_( Better to just download the openscad file and set a heightmap (or stl in the "hidden" section). Or there is an empty cover stl that you can play with in your favorite 3d program.

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