Carburator choke control (for Tecumseh)


Summary Okay, I don't know how useful this thing will be too useful to most people. Anyway, what happened is somebody decided to use my snowblower as a stepstool, thus breaking off the choke shaft flush with the carburetor. All last winter I spent looking like a weenie, holding my hand over the intake to get it started. But this year I've got a 3d printer! It turned out to be a surprisingly interesting and challenging part to build. For the odd-shaped cam, I eventually had to poke the thing through a piece of paper, trace it, scan it, and then re-trace the scan in blender! whew Instructions I printed this in white PLA on makerbot's high-res setting. I recommend PLA or Nylon, NOT ABS because the latter reacts more to solvents (like, presumably, gasoline) than the others. The rafts built into the stl should be all the support material needed.

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