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Update: Added a quick lid for those possibly interested in using this design stand-alone. Also added some pictures of the printed result and fit. I made this electronic box for my Velleman k8400. Designed to hold an original Raspberry Pi model B, two LM2596 voltage regulators and a reprap.me power expander. Voltage regulators and the power expander board is meant to be screwed in place. My raspberry pi lacks mounting holes and is fitted between a couple of small holders in this design, I might further fasten it with a dab of hot glue if it is necessary when mounted on the printer. I am planning to use one of the voltage regulators to power the pi and the other at 12V to supply Ikea led strips. I have not intended to use a lid for this design, since I am planning to mount the "box" directly underneath the Velleman K8400 on the bottom panel. I have not completed a full print yet but have had a chance to test the fit (had to stop mid-print due to clogging, most likely have to adjust my retraction settings).

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