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A simple way to hold the cables for the x wagon :-) 

One of the problems with the Anet A6 printer is that the cable to the X wagen gets stuck with higher prints. This is my simple solution for that :-)

 I recommend to use metal spacers between the moving parts 

-later: It came to my understanding that some people want to use a fan so I made some extra parts to make this possible again Now there are 3 possibilities: 

1: no fan with the original setup

2: for my J-Hotend mod 

3: for a fan with the original hotendsetup also see pictures :-) 

Blue PET-G one is the original setup without fan.

Black ABS one is the J-Hotend setup. 

Silver ABS one is the original setup with fan 

I also put the files per set up in a ZIP file to make it easier :-) 

-later: I have made an additional part for this holder. See :

Print Settings Printer: Anet A6/ CUSTOM  Resolution: 0.2-0.4 Infill: 15%

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