Anet A6 : Feeder improvement for flexible filament

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Summary This is a improvement for the Anet A6 feeder to allow flexible filament to be easly printed. As flexible filament tends to bend and stuck the feeding toothed wheel, it needs to be precisely guided to the hot end, without letting any hole where it could escape. So I desined this parts which I use for many month with any filament, flexible or not : no more feeding troubles ! As the goal is to have no hole at all on the feeding path, the "Filament guide.stl" part need to be manually adjusted : path drilled with a D.2mm drill for good filament slide Mobile throated wheel hole need to be adjusted (with a Dremel) -> the throated wheel (the one mounted on the "Pusher.stl" part) must just touch the toothed wheel (mounted on the motor), allowing good strong feeding. Manage needed adjustement by assembling both wheel on the part. Test stengh by inserting a PLA or ABS filament in the path hole, you must feel it grip well without slicing. Finally, when adjusted and set, you don't need to worry no more for many many many hours of printing (I just made one of theses parts which still work after few hundred hours of printing). N.B : "Filament tensor.stl" is not needed for the feeder to work. The aim of this part is to pull the filament from the spool (the pull force is obtained while this part is bending), avoiding the filament to bend too much (or to strech in case of flexible filament). Work well ;-) Print Settings Printer: Anet A6 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.1 or 0.2 Infill: 80% Notes: I suggest infill 100% for the "Pusher.stl" part. Post-Printing See summary !

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