Nema 17 fan bracket K8200 Extruder

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Nema 17 fan bracket K8200 Extruder Since it is summer time I had problems whit my ABS printer. 

After 4 hour or so my extruder fails due to heat. The stepper is getting so hot that it is not able to push my 3mm ABS filament trough the hotend. (Temperatures within the housing of my old ABS printer are at 45 degrees!) 

My solution for this extruder (of an old K8200 printer) is to active cool it. 

But the airflow is directed in such a way that it does not cool the printed part. 

It fits a 45mm x 45mm Fan This bracket is made to fit the K8200 extruder, but it will fit many other nema 17 motors.

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