Solve "Fan Nozzle Droop" with this Original Prusa i3 MK2 Part Co

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I remixed Grzybcio's excellent part cooling fan shroud (and grill) to add an integrated fan nozzle to replace the stock fan nozzle which has a tendency to droop after lots of hot (~260+°C) prints. This thing should never droop and solve that problem once and for all!

Video overview that talks about the problem it solves and why it's needed:

The image was created with Blender (I was just having some fun). You can see the real thing in the video :)

EDIT: Separated the fan shroud w/nozzle and the "MK2" grill/cover into separate .stl files.  So you don't need to print the cover anymore (yeah, it's kinda ugly).

Print Settings
  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Infill: 25% (but probably doesn't matter for this since the slicer will likely just make it 100% anyway)

NOTE: This model does not need supports! It looks like it does but it does not. The one in the video was printed in Blue eSun PETG without supports just fine. The only post-processing I did was to blast it for one second with a heat gun to get rid of some stringing =)

I went through great pains to ensure this thing does not need supports. I hate supports!

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