Nerf Anti Personnel Mine Tripwire

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Summary Real Landmines are terrible and you can read about that here Nerf landmines are better This is my solution to a Nerf landmine problem designed in Tinkercad. It launches 7 nerf darts about 5 feet from the front of it when you displace the trigger by a trip wire or command controlled string. Tools needed : None Material : 1 Rubber Band Description: A completely 3d printable nerf landmine that utilizes a rubber band for stored energy. Mine can be surface mounted to walls ,ceilings or floors utilizing the pre drilled mounting system. Trajectory and direction can be set ,reset and locked in place at 45 deg intervals via wedged mortise and tenon joints at connections. Notes: 12/26/16 Redesigned the trigger . The bolt piece with the angle on it gets glued behind the flatter bolt. Pin rides into slide and is pinned in place by piece of pla. Redesigned the tripod. Actually i eliminated it and replaced with something far more stable. I have also added holes in the new anchor that allows you to secure the mine with nails or screws or even straps. The mine can now be rotated 360 deg and you can change the pitch from 0 to 90 deg. Added wedges and mortise in the joints so that you can easily keep whatever rotation you set with a gentle push on the wedge. Started to redesign the trigger as well. Next step will finish the trigger and make it easier to arm. Print Settings Printer: Makerfront Pursa i3 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Infill: 20% Notes: designed to print with minimal supports. How I Designed This One step at a time vision came to me in the middle of a FLU induced fever

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