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3D Designed and 3D Printed a low poly hat for all us 3D printing nerds out there! I'm a hat freak and being able to 3D print a hat is crazy cool. This model will prepare into makerbot desktop around: 193mm (ear to ear) x 248mm (foreHead to back) x 122mm (tall) My head is pretty large so should work on most medium sized printers if you print the hat in two parts. Note: you WILL get some strange looks when you go into public. So you gotta ROCK the wireframe hat, if you wear it. Don't let the hat wear you. Would love to see photos of y'all wearing the HAT @PrintThatThing This hat was designed with Cinema4D and fixed with NetFabb Cloud services. Please let me know if you have any issues with printing. Happy 3D Printing! Feel free to follow me at:

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