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The tactile tiles should help blind people to notice, if an obstacle is in front of them.

The tactile tiles are placed in one, or multiple rows in front of obstacles, like doors or stairs. They can get screwed, glued or just placed on the ground. Through the height and the texture of the pieces blind people can feel them with their feets, or their blindman's stick, and warn them.

Through the height of only 3.2mm, the tiles fit under most of the doors, and still alow an easy function of the doors. If the door doesn't have enough space, the part can easily scaled down.

This part can be used nearly everywhere. At home, at school and at nearly every other place.

I recommend flexible filament, because it doesn't wear down so easily. It also stays better on the ground, and it isn't slippery.

Because I don't have access to a 3D printer at the moment, I unfortunately can't print any examples.

I try to find someone to help me with printing the model in the comunity.

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