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As someone who has fallen down their basement stairs more than once, I can appreciate a small but ever-so-critical bit of illumination at night. I don't want to install a big, power-hungry flood-light and still have to remember to turn it on when I need it.

Enter the FlashFlood.

Do you have one of those 9-LED aluminum two-dollar flashlights from Harbor Freight or the dollar store? How about a spare three to five volt AC to DC adapter? Great! Print the four parts, pop the LEDs out of the casing, solder a wire to the terminals on the circuit, add some screws, nuts and bolts and viola!

The FlashFlood was designed to be somewhat water-resistant with a wire channel in the arm and can be articulated to a pretty broad arc of range.

Just be mindful of the polarity and rating of the supply so you don't burn through two flashlights...


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